I'm 65 years old. I had my bypass in 2011. Then I went for an angioplasty in 2017. When I came to know about the EECP and I met Dr. Asmita Chaturvedi. I had a hernia. She recommended to go for an operation for the hernia then I went for the operation then I came back to the doctor and I started the EECP. So I had frequent chest pain. Now it has come down to around 75 percent. Still continuing the EECP now. It is only I had finished the 12 sessions. I hope everybody can go for this EECP rather than going for the bypass or other things.

At Amaaya clinic the doctors are very very good I would recommend them anywhere as well as the therapy is helping me a lot. I could climb uh two or three floors at a time staircases, Now I can climb after about 15 sessions I can climb six floors without stopping. Also, the walks that I do, I was doing in the mornings were 100 steps in one minute, now I am doing almost 150 steps a minute. I would recommend EECP therapy to anyone before he wants to CABG or angiography or any other. Thank you"
Who can get EECP Treatment?
Patients with persistent angina symptoms
Patients with chronic stable angina (Chest Pain)
Patients who have exhausted standard treatments
Patients waiting for bypass surgery or angioplasty
Patients not willing to bypass surgery or angioplasty
Patients whose symptoms return after surgery or bypass
Patients with inadequate relief from medications
Patients unqualified for bypass surgery, angioplasty, or stent
Severely restricted patients
EECP Therapy is for Adjunctive treatment in heart patients
EECP Therapy is for general well being
EECP Therapy is for Prevention of heart diseases
For people living a sedentary lifestyle (not exercising)
With high-risk factor non-communicable diseases (NCD)
People seeking improved heart health & fitness
EECP Treatment is now available in Lokhandwala Andheri at EECP Mumbai Clinic
Why EECP Treatment?
EECP Therapy is an advanced treatment of heart failure.
EECP Treatment is approved by the FDA
EECP Treatment is a Natural bypass treatment
EECP Therapy is the Safest Heart treatment
EECP Treatment is a Well-tolerated procedure
EECP Therapy is a Cost-effective treatment
EECP Therapy requires Less Treatment time
EECP Therapy causes a substantial reduction in angina symptoms
EECP Therapy is effective in more than 90% of the patients
EECP Therapy provided sustained improvement in more than 75% of patients for at least up to 3 years
EECP Treatment is now available in Mumbai at EECP Mumbai Clinic
EECP Therapy Advantages
EECP Therapy is an outpatient procedure
EECP Treatment requires No Hospitalization
EECP Therapy is a Non-invasive treatment
EECP Treatment requires No Medications
EECP Therapy needs No Recovery Time
EECP Treatment is a painless procedure
EECP Therapy has No side effects, ineligible patients
EECP Therapy is "No bypass surgery" Treatment
EECP Therapy is "No angioplasty" Treatment
EECP Therapy is "No stent placement" Treatment
EECP Therapy is a risk-free heart health treatment in eligible patients.
EECP Treatment is now available in Mumbai at EECP Mumbai Clinic
Potential Benefits of EECP Therapy:
EECP Therapy may improve exercise tolerance
EECP Treatment may improve "quality of life"
EECP Protocol may improve cardiac output
EECP Sessions may improve cardiac function
EECP Program may improve microcirculation of the heart
EECP Process may Improve circulation to the brain
EECP machine may improve circulation to the kidney
EECP Treatment may improve circulation to muscles
EECP Therapy may improve outcome in patients with heart bypass
EECP Machine may improve vascular health (endothelial function)
EECP Treatment may improve circulation of the body
EECP Sessions may improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to other organs
EECP Treatment is now available at EECP Clinic Andheri Mumbai
Additional Benefits of EECP Treatment.
EECP Therapy may help in Cerebrovascular insufficiency
EECP Treatment may help in Vertebrobasilar insufficiency
EECP Sessions may help in Peripheral vascular diseases
EECP program may help in Chronic fatigue syndrome
EECP protocol may help in Sports injury recovery
EECP process may help in Senile dementia
EECP Therapy may help in Vascular headaches (like migraine)
EECP Treatment may help in Erectile dysfunction
EECP Therapy may help in Diabetic nephropathy and angiopathy
EECP Machine may help in Chronic kidney disease
EECP program may help in Hypertension
EECP process may help in Obesity and Inflammation
EECP Treatment now available at EECP Clinic Andheri Mumbai
Possible Benefits of EECP Program
EECP program may lead to Less need for anti-anginal medication
EECP treatment may lead to improved energy levels
EECP therapy may lead to Improved quality of life
EECP protocol may lead to Improved endurance
EECP process may lead to Improved strength
EECP sessions may lead to Improved mood
EECP machine may lead to Improved memory
EECP treatment may lead to improved sexual functions
EECP therapy may lead to an improved feeling of well-being
EECP sessions may lead to Increased ability to do routine activities
EECP protocol may lead to the ability to return to enjoyable activities
EECP treatment is now available at EECP Clinic Andheri Mumbai
How is EECP therapy done?
At the EECP Mumbai Clinic treatment room the first Patient is asked to lie down on an EECP table
The patient is connected with ECG and blood pressure monitors
Inflatable cuffs are wrapped around calves’ thighs and buttocks
 air hoses connected to the cuffs inflate and deflate in sync with heartbeat & blood pressure
With inflation patients feel a strong "hug" moving upward from calves to buttocks
Inflation (hugs) increases blood flow to the heart
Blood in the legs is "milked" upwards toward the heart
With deflation, there is a rapid release of pressure
Deflation improves blood flow to the entire body
EECP therapy is now available in Lokhandwala Andheri at EECP Mumbai Clinic
How does EECP treatment work?
Increases blood flow to coronary arteries in diastole
Encourage small blood vessels to open creating collaterals
Collaterals act as a "natural bypass" around blocked arteries
Improved coronary perfusion relieves angina symptoms
Reduce myocardial oxygen demand
EECP Reduces cardiac workload and improves blood flow to the body
Stimulates nitric oxide growth factors in coronary arteries
May help reduce endothelial dysfunction
Mimic physical exercise passively improving the autonomic nervous system
EECP treatment is now available in Mumbai at EECP Mumbai Clinic
How often is EECP therapy done?
At EECP Clinic Mumbai first the heart patients are given a free consultation to evaluate the eligibility.
After screening, the patients have explained the EECP process followed by setting reasonable expectations if they qualify for EECP treatment.
Accepted patients must undergo 35 hours of EECP therapy
EECP Treatment duration is about 1-2 hours daily
EECP treatment at EECP clinic Mumbai is done Five days a week
EECP Treatment at EECP Clinic Mumbai lasts for 7 weeks
Post EECP Sessions patients can go back home to resume regular routines.
EECP Program: Who is not Eligible?
Severely high-uncontrolled hypertension
Severe valvular heart disease (mainly AR)
Cardiac arrhythmias (like A-Fib)
A heart rate over 120 beats per minute
Uncontrolled congestive heart failure
Recent cardiac catheterization
Cardiac surgery within 3 months
Thrombophlebitis involving the legs
Patient with Deep vein thrombosis, Coagulopathies, Pulmonary hypertension, An enlarged heart, A pacemaker & Congenital heart defects
Why EECP therapy with EECP Mumbai?
Holistic Heart health approach
Highly trained healthcare professionals
Well-experienced doctors
Under cardiologist supervision
Rigorous pre-selection of patients
Thorough evaluation before treatment
Well monitored complete cardiac care
Very Cost-effective treatment
Easy access location for patients
Consistent follow-ups post-procedure
With the rise in the number of heart patients in India and limited resources to take care of them, can EEP Treatment, a noninvasive heart bypass therapy, bridge the gap between heart patient care & heart super-specialists, reduce mortality and morbidity and improve the quality of life?
Find out if EECP therapy is a good choice for your Heart.
EECP is an effective safe noninvasive natural-surgical alternative to Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty.
To learn more about Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Call Amaaya EECP Mumbai Clinic. EECP Mumbai Clinic is here to take care of your heart.
Book an appointment today for an EECP evaluation with EECP Mumbai Clinic
EECP Therapy is available at EECP Clinic Mumbai in Lokhandwala Andheri
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